This course is designed for entry-level commercial drivers coming into the industry, to meet the new required FMCSA ELDT guidelines and mandates. This is a theory only, online course, which offers the Hazardous Materials portion required to successfully pass the Hazardous Materials written exam. The minimum passing score for this course is 80%. Once the entire course has been completed, your results will be reported to the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR) within 48 hours.


 *Note* Before the state issues the Hazmat endorsement, or allows an applicant to test, the FMCSA and TSA will require you to be fingerprinted and have a thorough background check completed. Some states may require you to complete this process first before taking the DMV exam. You may still complete this course, but you may be restricted from testing until you complete the TSA background check and provide documentation of approval.


This course is only provided in the following language(s): English


Included in this course:

·         Hazardous Materials theory compiled in easy-to-follow videos.

·         Knowledge Checks throughout the course to ensure you retain the information.

·         Unlimited Practice Exams

·         Final Exam

·         Certificate of Completion